BreederPlus at Work

BreederPlus is a protection program held by participating breeding farms. The program offers a myriad of benefits in case of injury or illness related to breeding or birth. The program starts with the sire and the dam, extends through breeding and gestation, and ends when the foal reaches six months.

Whether you have a breeding operation with five or fifty horses or are buying one foal, BreederPlus can help protect your investment from the unexpected.

Programs are tailored to the needs of each breeder. Here are a few examples of potential conditions eligible for reimbursement.

BreederPlus Benefits

Breeding is complicated. Between potential injury to your stallion or mare, unexpected pregnancy loss, complications during birth, or health problems with your foal, you can never be 100% prepared.

Now you don’t have to be alone in the journey. BreederPlus stands beside its breeders to protect against unforeseen medical complications, leaving future owners with healthy foals and breeders with peace of mind.